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Katherine Macdonald-Artist

Art for the Soul, Mind, Heart, and Body


I started this journey way back in 1980 when I first discovered my love and passion for the arts and decided that this was how I was going to survive my childhood. I committed to learning and creating visually dramatic, beautiful, and moving pieces awakening an idea or feeling deeper in each person. 


"I learned to trust and feel my way through a painting, stepping out of my way putting my internal issues aside so the creativity can come through to its full expression on canvas. And further to online abstract art, prints and instruction to create moving pieces of art. 

Offering Love, Kindness and Awareness, through the art in us all."



The Katherine Macdonald Artist site provides information about upcoming shows, exhibitions and images of current and past pieces and projects, as well as information about my artistic journey from dream to reality.

Story of An Artist

A brief and true Katherine Story of evolution.

Even though I have been creating all of my life with art, food, music, dance, writing, and more it is now that I am finally coming to the world to present myself and my creations. I am Katherine Macdonald and I am an Eclectic Abstract Painter, my skills, knowledge, and talents are ever evolving as I change and grow. 


I’m an adopted child raised by people who had no business being parents. These challenges plus other hindering factors have led me to the journey of life so that I could recover from childhood abuse and really begin to fly, and soar. 


I started painting at a young age even though my creations were not valued in my home of origin, I preserved and I continued to sketch, draw and paint until I left secondary school. 


I wanted to further my education in the arts but was denied and my life took a path of young parenthood and single-handedly raising my child. I eventually went back to school and earned a partial degree in design but not until I was 35. 


At the age of 23 I returned to painting and continued to hone my skills part-time and only for myself. By 28 I started to show my work in local venues, cafes, restaurants and business in the East Vancouver area, my home at the time, and produced a number of group art shows in the Ark building on Pender in East Vancouver in one of their front studios. This also included the Vancouver Culture Crawl. All of the shows were a great success. 


After another few hurdles in life, I picked up the brush again and dove into a textural abstract, which I loved. It was a relief to not think about how, why, and what angle, where is the light coming from, and I needed to passionately feel what was going on canvas without planning. For years I created only like this, some wonderful pieces and some very cathartic pieces full of grief. At this point has been 10yrs of release into the abstract purging. 


Still painting, it was time to change, I was missing something. I wanted more and so I picked up the skills and style I developed in the East Van 15yrs years and became the merge of the smooth dramatic lines of my brush and added the chucky, gravelly text from my palate knife. 

And came to something new, something from the old, pain, the healing and the future. 


My wish is that all those who want will enjoy my work or at least find some inner solace in it. 

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Paint Brushes

"I decided that if I could paint that flower in a huge scale, you could not ignore its beauty. "

Georgia O'Keeffe

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